Pennsylvania’s economy is vast, including segments devoted to high-tech and healthcare. Shopping and services have numerous major metropolitan centres in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, Harrisburg, and Lancaster are some of these towns. Black Friday 2022 Pennsylvania indicates that there are many locations in Pennsylvania where Black Friday ad discounts may be found.

The top Black Friday discounts in Pennsylvania may be found at these well-known stores.

11 Places To Shop On Black Friday 2022 Pennsylvania

1) Amazon

Amazon black friday 2022 pennsylvania

The 48-hour Black Friday sale on Amazon starts on Thanksgiving Day, November 24. For 30 minutes throughout the shopping festival, a special offer on toys, gadgets, clothing, makeup, Amazon devices, and much extra will be released.

2) Target

Target Store Black Friday 2022 PennsylvaniaAmong the finest stores in Pennsylvania to get Black Friday discounts is Target. On Black Friday, this well-known store has a wide range of products on sale and gives some of the lowest prices on appliances and gadgets.

This Black Friday, Target sells a variety of goods. On gadgets like computers, game machines, and clothing like denim or t-shirts, you can save a tonne of money.

If you intend to purchase home design products like furnishings or cookware this year, Target provides a wide selection. The Black Friday 2022 Pennsylvania sale at Target runs from November 20 through November 26.

3) Tj Maxx

Tj Maxx black friday 2022 pennsylvaniaA budget departmental store called TJ Maxx has some great prices on things like furniture and apparel. You may get up to 70% off every purchase, making it a terrific spot to shopping for Black Friday specials.

Several of Pennsylvania’s top Black Friday electronics discounts can be found at TJ Maxx. There is no need to seek any farther if you want to get a best laptop or TV at an unbelievable price.

TJ Maxx offers clients Black Friday specials annually that can save them up to 80%. There won’t be any exceptions this year.

4) Dollar General

Dollar General black friday 2022 pennsylvaniaFor Black Friday sales on apparel, furniture, and gadgets, Dollar General is renowned. In addition, you may get $1 things like socks or undergarments as well as seasonal products like Holiday ornaments and lights.

Additionally to providing fantastic discount if you purchase in large quantities at Dollar General, many product categories are often offered at cheaper costs throughout this season of year (Thanksgiving).

For instance, if you go to your neighbourhood dollar general store and purchase ten soup containers for $1 per, your total cost will only be $10 as opposed to $11 at stores that sell the containers separately for more money.

Frequently, Dollar General provides coupons for free delivery regarding website buyers. The best offers in the Dollar General Black Friday 2022 Pennsylvania advertisement are BOGO 75% Off Babies, BOGO 50% Off Christmas Candles, Matched Pajamas for the Kids for $8 Each, and 50% off Realistic Trees, Lighting, Gift sets, Christmas Skirts, and Ornaments.

5) Michaels

Michaels black friday 2022 pennsylvaniaMichaels is a network of major retailers that offers a variety of goods for the household and body, including footwear, makeup, decorative arts materials, party goods, and clothes. With more than 1,100 locations across the country, Michaels has been operating for nearly 50 years.

Beginning on November 25 and ending around November 27, Michaels will have their 2022 Black Friday discounts. Michaels will also provide free delivery on purchases of $49 or more. Customers may anticipate savings of up to 70% on frames, accessories, paper crafts, celebration items, jewelry, crochet, and more.

6) JCPenney

JCPenney black friday 2022Famous retailers for Black Friday sales include JCPenney. The store has a number of special discounts on toys, garments, gadgets, other household products.

Deals are available on TVs, computers, smartphones, and men’s clothes including sportswear and suits. Additionally, there seem to be discounts on skirts and outfits for ladies, some of which are up to 60% discount!

This section offers more distinctive things, such as footwear (up to 50%) and jewellery (25%). Black Friday at JCPenney begins on November 25 at 5 a.m.

The most of their offers will be accessible online during the whole period of November, and the online purchase will begin on Friday, November 18, 2022, at 12:00 EST.

7) Five Below

Five Below black fridayA budget retailer called Five Below sells goods for $5 or less. Kids, accessories, technology, and household goods are just a few of the numerous items sold in the store.

Goods that aren’t sale in shops are includ in this year’s Black Friday sale. For $5, you get a Remote Control Automobile Wall Rider, Infinite Wrapping Pro Bluetooth Headset, and a Mini Remote Control Quadcopter.

Other things that cost $5 or less are sports equipment, Wireless speakers, comforters, Christmas ornaments, paper bags, and many more.

8) Big Lots

Big Lots black friday 2022Big Lots is just a cheap retailer that sells a variety of goods for affordable prices. They sell a variety of goods, including games, furniture, and other products for the house.

To make the Christmas memorable, Big Lots provides stuff for everyone of the family.

The top Black Friday 2022 deals are 50% discount all toys, 30% discount all plants, trees, and lit outdoor decor, electric cables starts at $7.99, and pick recliners for $239.

9) Old Navy

Old Navy Store Some of the more well-known apparel retailers in Pennsylvania is Old Navy. With reductions on a variety of goods around this period, it ‘s certainly one of the venues to look for Black Friday specials.

What makes spending at Old Navy the best?

Your preferred clothing is available at a bargain! Nearly all they offer, particularly footwear, apparel, and household items like bed frames and mattress pads, is reduce at this store.

From November 24 web and then on November 25 in-store, the Black Friday deals begin. On November 26 to November 28, there will be online offers on fitness, jeans, jackets, and other items as part of Cyber Monday.

Sleeping pants are available for as little as $5, with discounts of up to 60% over Black Friday and 50% at Cyber Monday.

10) Lowe’s

Lowe’sA multi-national store, Lowe has been in operation for more than a century. They are famous for its selection of home furnishings, tools, and Black Friday specials.

Lowe’s Black Friday will begin around November 24 at 00:00 local time and continue till 11:59 pm to November 30.

Lowe also provides reductions on certain of their garment brands, featuring men’s and women’s fashion, in addition to reduced electronics and home improvement products.

With Lowe’s special Black Friday sale, customers could save up to 50% on a number of items. If you’re looking for products for home remodelling, this is the best shop for you because you can also receive free delivery on purchases over $35!

11) Walmart

WalmartThe latest edition of Walmart’s Black Friday Discounts for Days holiday Sales extravaganza will start live on Monday, November 21, at 7 p.m. ET, and in retail locations starting Black Friday deal, Nov. 25. Visitors who register for Walmart + website receive a seven-hour initial stage.


As you’ll see, Black Friday 2022 Pennsylvania offers may find in a variety of locations. The nice thing about these businesses, like the majority of shopping centres, is that they are open in many locations.

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