The contemporary world is facing many issues, and degradation of the environment is one such issue. Over the years industrial revolution and human activities have made the human environment unsustainable. A comprehensive awareness has been raised on this issue by environmental activists and many NGOs. Resultantly, governments worldwide have recognized this issue and have formulated strict rules and regulations to save the environment from degradation. As governments, companies worldwide also accepted this issue and have included environmental protection as part of corporate social responsibility.

The concept of corporate responsibility is on the rise, and people prefer to purchase from companies that care about their customers. Hence, companies spend vast amounts of profit on CSR to create their soft image. In this way, companies generate a lot of demand as customers believe products with eco-friendly food packaging are products from a trustworthy and professional brand. Increased demand means more sales and, in turn, more revenues and profits.

Packaging of food items is also one such area where a considerable amount has been spent to make it convenient and environmentally friendly. The use of plastic in packaging has been reduced significantly, and cardboard and other plastic alternatives are used these days. Like many other products packaging of food items like French fries packaging boxes has also seen a shift from unsustainable plastic packaging to sustainable Kraft boxes. Eco-friendly Kraft paper packaging for French fries is in trend, and suppliers that are home-based and still doing non-recyclable packaging are getting out of business. 

What are Kraft boxes?

The demand for Kraft boxes is rising because customers care about their environment and are ready to pay extra for sustainable packaging. Food items like French fries are packaged in different materials. Traditionally plastic was used for packaging but is very unsustainable. Cardboard and paperboard are also used, but these are no 100% sustainable. The trend has now shifted towards Kraft as a material for food items packaging.

Pulp of wood is the main material in making of Kraft Boxes. Kraft is 100% sustainable and does not harm the environment. It decomposes automatically within a concise period of time. Kraft is used in making boxes, and these boxes can then be used for different food items packaging. The demand for these Kraft boxes for the food items packaging is increasing day by day due to a number of reasons.

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Protection of the food item in Kraft packaging boxes:

Pulp of wood is the main material in making of Kraft Boxes, which means that these boxes are more substantial than cardboard and paper boxes. The strength of the material protects the food and allows it to last longer. Kraft boxes can withstand high pressure, which means that the food will not get staled. Kraft boxes are not only strong, but they are water and resistance-proof, which helps keep food fresh and eatable. It means that food inside the Kraft box will not be wasted from water even if the box seal was opened. Also, the box protects the food from heat and light. 

Cost-effective and cheap material used in packaging for French fries:

Custom Kraft boxes are easily accessible from various box suppliers. The material is not very expensive, and the assembling also does not cost a lot. Another benefit of the Kraft box packaging is that it does not need a lot of labor-intensive work, which means that the labor cost will be less, and packaging is cost-effectively. Less cost of packaging means more profit margins for the packaging company

Food items like French fries packed in Lightweight boxes:

 Kraft packaged boxes not just provide quality to the brand, but they are also light in weight. It means that the customer can take the food easily from one place to another. Also, less weight of the packaging material means it is convenient for the customer to travel with it. For example, the bag can easily carry a bag of French fries. It will reduce the handling and transportation costs of the company. Fewer costs mean that the profits of the company will be high. 

Diversity in the food items packaging boxes:

Kraft box packaging allows for diversity. It means that boxes can be in different shapes and sizes. Also, the color of the box is also changeable as per the requirement of the food item. The printing on the boxes is also easy, and printing of any design and logo on these boxes without any hassle is possible. You can select anything as the print on the Kraft box gives an outstanding result. Resultantly the product becomes attractive and eye-catching for the customer. Kraft boxes come only in white and brown color is just a myth, and today Kraft boxes are available in all types of hues. The coloring scheme is alterable according to the needs of the marketers.

Similarly, the size of boxes can also vary. If the customer takes up size French fries, then one needs a large box and vice versa. We have observed that disposable Kraft boxes with section holders for ketchup are the most popular and common for their packaging.


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